Bumpy Rash On Face And Its Remedy


Rashes are the unusual changes which appear on your skin due to some seasonal change or some disease. A rash is a widespread term and it has many types, but we’ll discuss bumpy rash on face in this article.

Rashes on face:


Rashes can be caused by several different reasons some of them are mentioned below:

> Fungus
> Several viruses
> Bacteria
> Parasites

These are the major causes of bumpy rash on face. These things can be present in beauty products, dyes, plants, garbage, waste and different type of chemicals.

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You can easily find rashes by seeing your face because it will be pretty dominant and bumpy. Rashes are also painful and burning. Face rash is itchy you will feel irritation.

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Most of the rashes are not dangerous and they’ll heal themselves after little time. For itchy and painful rashes you can try non itchy creams which contains 1% hydrocortisone.

Some other remedies are:

Moisturizing lotions.
By applying dilute vinegar (1:4).
Hydroxyzine and diphenhydramine are also helpful.
Fungal infections are treated by anti fungal medicines containing clotrimazole.
Avoid washing with hot water.
Do not rub the rash.

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Avoid rash:

Avoiding rash totally depends upon the type of rash. Take proper care of your hygiene. Don’t do shave with dirty razors also water enhances bacterial growth in razors so keep them dry. Always keep any kind of thing off your body.

At public places like gym, swimming pools, parks avoid human contact. Also avoid infected people with any kind of rash because virus can be transfer to your body. Keep the affected area moist.

Also if you have any other symptoms with bumpy rash on face like pain in any other part of body then you must consult dermatologist.

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