Can vision be corrected naturally?

Now a days weak eyesight is a very big concern and very large number of people all over the world is suffering form it. The answer of “can vision be corrected naturally?” is yes. It’s possible to improve your eyesight naturally but you have to follow the instructions carefully which i’m going to give you in this article.

In order to improve your eyesight you have to follow these instructions very carefully. You will not get result quickly but you will get it surely.

Steps to follow for getting better vision:

Getting sufficient vitamins:

Taking vitamin A, E and C will help you in improving your eyesight. If you don’t want to take them directly below are some things you can take more often to get these vitamins.

> Spinach
> Carrot
> Fish
> Blueberry
> Broccoli
> Sweet Potato
> Strawberry
> Nuts

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Other few essential things:

Some other notable things you need to improve you eyesight are antioxidants (beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin), sulfur, cysteine, lecithin, and DHA which is a fatty acid and found in salmon, sardines and cod e.t.c. Other materials can be found in the food items given above.

Avoid dim light:
One of the main reason of getting weak eyesight is that many people try to read in low or dim light. So if you take care of it, it’ll surely improve or correct you treatment for weak eyesight. And also wear sunglasses on sunny day and avoid seeing sun directly. Can vision be corrected.

Keep your body fit:

Very main factor in improving eyesight is your fit body. You must have a healthy body to improve it. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis. As these diseases affect human body from head to toe, you have to become very careful.


Insufficient sleep may weaken your vision. In order to improve your eyesight you have to get full sleep around 8 hours. Sleep allows rest and repair to your eyes.


Here are some exercises which will help to correct your eyesight.

20-20-20 exercise:

Many doctors recommend this exercise of eyes. This is very easy and effective. 20-20-20 means you have to look at something 20 meters away for about 20 seconds after every 20 minutes staring at your computer this exercise will allow your eyes relax a bit from screen rays and also focus on the thing which is 20 meters away from you.


Hold a pencil or anything in your hand right in front of eyes at arm’s length. Focus it and then slowly bring it closer to your eyes till 6 inches from your nose, then move it back again and repeat this process for 6-8 times.

Up and down exercise:

Sit with legs stretched straight, place both the fists on the knees and both the thumbs should be pointing up. Slowly raise right thumb and focus on it when it’s maximum up then bring it down slowly and repeat for 10 minutes then with left hand do the same. Close your eyes and relax for few minutes.

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Close and far viewing:

Sit near a window where you can see sky clearly. Focus your eyes on your nose for 10-15 seconds then watch the sky for same time. Repeat this process for 10 minutes, after that relax and close your eyes for some time.

These following instructions or steps can surely help you to correct your vision naturally without any kind of medication. We hope that you have your answer of ” Can vision be corrected naturally? “.

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