Cucumber Health Benefits For Skin

Cucumber is a vegetable which contains 96% of water content in it. There are plenty of health benefits for of cucumber for skin. Cucumbers are valuable source of antioxidant nutrients including vitamin C and beta carotene. It has a lot of beauty benefits for eyes and skin. And is also a popular ingredient in many skin care products. Below are the some health benefits of cucumbers to skin.

Reduce suntan:

Cucumber is a mild astringent that helps get rid of suntan. It has a small bleaching characteristic that can help even skin tone and give you a youthful and shiny skin.

It not only helps remove suntan but also improves the texture of the skin. You can use cucumber ice cubes to remove suntan.

Close the pores of skin:

You can also use cucumber to cure open pores, cucumber juice absorbs the heat from skin, rendering coolness and closing open pores. Cucumber is a natural tone has cooling properties and helps to improve the dull complexion.

Pimples and blemishes:

You can use to convert to treat them pimples and blemishes.A mask made of equal quantity of cucumber juice, lemon juice and honey can help to reduce pimple marks or scars. 

Application of fresh cucumber juice can  reduce freckles.

Dark circles:

Using cucumber slices around the eyes. Reduces the appearance of dark circles quickly, the anti oxidants in cucumber can help in slowly fading dark circles. It can make. The skin around your eyes appear lighter on a temporary basis it help you relax and hydrates your eyes.

Makes hair shiny:

Washing your hair with cucumber juice results great and your hair become silky and beautiful. Silica present in cucumbers make hair silky and attractive.

Sunburned skin:

Cucumber heals sunburned skin and brings instant relief. Cucumber juice mixed with equal quantity of yogurt heals sunburn. And also hydrates dry skin cucumber is a natural and gentle way to treat sunburn. This wonderful vegetable has more nutrients to offer.

So enjoy cucumber health benefits for skin and live a beautiful life.

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