Importance of honey to the body | Benefits of honey

Honey is the sweet, viscous fluid which is prepared by bees. Bees produce honey by sucking sugary parts of plants. It has many benefits we can’t ignore importance of honey to the body. Below are some notable benefits of taking honey daily

Healthy weight management:

Recently a research conducted at San Diago State University shown that we can ignore getting weight by just replacing sugar with honey. Another study shown that honey suppresses appetite


Taking honey daily also have benefit that it will aid the digestion process and will make it smooth. Some doctors also prescribe honey for digestive problems like constipation or ulcers.

Prevent cancer and heart disease:

Taking honey daily controls cholesterol level of human body which helps to prevent heart disease, recently a study in Dubai concluded that. Also it contains some antioxidants which fights against cancer.

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Energy Booster:

Taking honey daily also helps in boosting your energy. Because like all other energy boosters it contains sugars which will increase glucose level of human body.


Honey contains enzyme that make hydrogen peroxide, and hydrogen peroxide is amazing anti bacterial agent. Recently a study in New Zealand’s University of Waikato published that.

Anti-inflammatory agent:

It has been proved that honey is a great anti-inflammatory agent, and used for curing of arthritic pain or joint inflammation.

Healing of wounds and burns:

A research has shown that applying honey on wounds and burns helps them to healed quickly then by applying silver sulphaddiazine (which is common treatment of wounds and burns). Simple sugars and anti-bacterial nature helps in doing that.

 Prevent diabetes:

Consuming raw honey narrows the chances of getting diabetes. Adding cinnamon to raw honey works even better.

Moisturize skin:

Applying honey on skin keep it moist because sugar molecules of honey trap water molecules on the surface of the skin not letting them to dry.

Along with it also a research has shown that applying honey on hairs keep them healthy and remove dandruff from them. Also honey is popular agent in lotions and balms.

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Sore throat and cough:

Raw honey is very effective in healing cough. A research has shown that taking two teaspoons of honey daily is very good in treating cough.  Taking honey with tea or hot water helps a lot in getting rid of sore throat.

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