Why Depression in Men May Be Underdiagnosed? Male Depression Statistics

Do You Know Why Depression in Men May Be Underdiagnosed ? Currently, women are informed that he has depression symptoms double as often as men. And most research on the topic concentrates on why women are at larger risk for developing the disorder. The trouble may be compounded by the notion that men are said to be reluctant to talk about how they may be feeling. And so they may not recognize, acknowledge, or seek help for depression.

More than 6 million men have problems with depression yearly in the US. still, the problem tends to be underdiagnosed in people. There are a number of reasons for this, but it may be because people can experience a different set of depression signs and symptoms than women.

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Again Why Why Depression in Men May Be Underdiagnosed ?

Different Symptoms in Men:

According to The Nationwide Bond on Intense Depression (NAMI). The men seem to be unlikely to demonstrate “typical” indicators of depression. Though this observation is not however well understood. Still, NAMI explains typical depression symptoms signs are  sadness, crying, loss of interest in many activities, and verbally expressing thoughts of suicide. The Nationwide Comorbidity Survey Replication which is a mental health related organization. NCSR determined that men report higher rates of aggression or anger, alcohol and drug abuse and risk-taking as compared to women.

NAMI as well as HelpGuide, a trusted not-for-profit company for mental illness and well-being, indicate that depressed men are more likely to know the following symptoms as well:

  • Exhaustion
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritability
  • Physical pain

The loss in interest in work
NAMI suggests that because men may possibly feel shame as well as try to “tough it out” on their own. They will also self-medicate with drugs or alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals may miss the opportunity to diagnose depression properly in men. For some men, by the time despair is diagnosed, the condition has long gone undiagnosed for years and can be severe.

Causes and Treatment of Depression in Men:

Despite genders, depression can be caused by the following three issues described below:

Genes—A family history of pessimism improves a person’s probability of being diagnosed with depression.
Hormones—Brain chemistry will be impacted by hormones that regulate feelings and emotions.
Stress—External factors (e.g., finances, relationships, cutting down a loved one) like life hardships can affect mood and lead to depression.
NAMI’s research shows that from 80 to 90 percent of every person diagnosed with depression. Can be easily cured with antidepressants and psychotherapy. Also, peer encouragement and importance to lifestyle, which includes diet plan, exercise, and smoking stoppage. These all have been shown to result very effectively in physical and mental health. In a number other cases, treatments such as electroconvulsive treatments (ECT) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) may be used for cure.

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Seeking Help:

If you think you may have distinctive signs and symptoms of depression, speak with a doctor or a licensed mental health professional. If you know someone who may be depressed, be accommodating, actually listen carefully, and encourage treatment. Always keep in mind thoughts or brings up of suicide. In such a case, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a valuable resource to rely on for help: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


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